Sobering up…

May 22, 2005 Comments Off on Sobering up…

A quiet evening, laughing with the Eurovision song contest. At least, that was the plan. Get some friends from all over Europe into one appartment and have fun. Not that we really need a good reason to throw a party, but having somebody Greek in the group was a good excuse.

A broken CD player was not going to spoil a perfectly good party, so we had to continue somewhere else: Chez Maman. Apart from the usual amount of poofs in there, there seemed to be a lot of girls (girls as in the real thing, not the trannies).

The trannies did a good job on the bar as per usual. No Dalida, no Edith Piaf this time… but a night without Sandra Kim just seems impossible 😉

Around five we left, and by that time we were pissed as a fart. So we decided to go to another bar. Not many girls there, I can tell you! Bloody hell… When my girlfriend couldn’t use the bathroom because lots of boys were having sex in there, we thought it might be a good idea to go home anyway. And then I wrote a blog!

Does this shed some light on the previous blog ?

Slowly but surely we are recovering. We have been calling our friends to make sure that we didn’t do anything stupid. That seems to be OK. Just had some hot cross buns. Girlfriend in bath now, and I think I’ll rest my eyes a bit again! 😉


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