Adoption & The Church…

June 1, 2005 Comments Off on Adoption & The Church…

Bishops in Belgium are worried about Gay adoption,or read this (Dutch)

Now I don’t have a strong opinion about adoption (no, that’s not true… I’ve got shitloads of opinions, I just haven’t made up my mind). But if the church keeps on argueing the way they are now…

Anyway, I will not stop them. It’s hilarious (but worrying)…

  • The fact that homosexuals can marry, is nothing but a degradation of the word marriage. (The fact that 30% of straight people divorce might have helped towards the degradation as well!)
  • In the current context, such a measure would only strengthen the idea that homosexual couples are a simple derivative of couples consisting of a man and a woman. (As in: two people who love each other?)
  • The Church in Belgiumdoesn’t want to get involved in the discussion about the psychological effects of a kid growing up with gay parents (They probably just found out that there is nothing to discuss about.)
  • A gay couple having a kid is not the same!!! (Duh! Talking about a strong argument
  • The church in Spain was backed-up by a Spanish (!?) study. Among children raised by same-sex couples, the report notes a significant increase in low self-esteem, stress, confusion regarding sexual identity, an increase in mental illness, drug use, promiscuity, STD’s, and homosexual behaviour, amongst others. (A study that categorises mental illness, drug use, promiscuity, STD’s and homosexual behaviour equally as the same sort of problem, is a homophobic study. NO?
  • The same study also shows that if you have a heterosexual mother, you have 0% chance of developing a gay or bisexual identity. If your mother is gay, then you have an 8% chance! ( I sincerely hope these people review their own study, how believable is this?)

Well, the church wouldn’t be the church, if it weren’t for hypocritical points of view! They prefer individual adoption, above gay adoption. Even if behind the scenes this individual is gay and has a partner.!


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