New Google sitemap functionality

June 4, 2005 Comments Off on New Google sitemap functionality

create_sitemap.php.gz is some code that I have written to add to your serendipity blog.

It is very simple, unpack it in your blog directory. Via the web you go to and a file called Sitemap.gz will be created.

Google sitemaps should become a new protocol for webcrawlers sniffing around your site 😉

The initiative seems to be coming from Google itself, but it’s worthwile having a Sitemap even if only they start using it…

I might code a bit further in order to have a plugin for Serendipity which updates the Sitemap at the very moment an entry is created. But there seem to be some problems with the Serendipity website, so I haven’t found all documentation on how to write plugins.

For the time being we’ll have to do with this mediocre workaround…


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