New car

June 8, 2005 Comments Off on New car

Ze bus
The bus !

I had a small accident nearly two weeks ago. I was at fault, but it was so minor that I didn’t bother to talk about it here.

Yesterday, I received a notice from the leasing company that my car was declared ‘total loss’, ‘perte totale’. This came as a total suprise because the damage was minimal and the speed at which I hit the other car did certainly not exceed 30km/h. I’ll have to investigate why the car was declared ‘total loss’

Now I’m driving the car of an ex-colleague, a f*ck*ng VW Sharan. It’s not a car, it’s a bus.

I’ll have to start reading a 300 page manual, just to found out the most basic bells and whistles. Maybe I’ll start to like it on the long term, but I doubt it…


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