Mobile phones in air planes… what you didn't think of!

June 9, 2005 § 2 Comments

Did it ever worry you that the interference of one single mobile phone could disturb the working of the computers parts of your air plane. If that’s all it takes to get… I’m deeply worried. But that’s the policy…

The Federal Aviation Administration may reverse its policy depending on the results of a study on how cellphones affect flight safety. The study should be finished in January 2006

But then some astronomer looking for E.T. tries to turn the tide again…

Cellphone use on planes “could be a disaster for us”, says Michael Davis, director of projects at California’s SETI Institute, which searches for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, and former chair of the NAS committee. “We have incredibly sensitive radio telescopes – even a single cellphone on a single plane 100 miles away could cause pretty serious damage”, he told New Scientist. It would exceed recommended “noise” levels by 10 times.

Some clever people have already thought about alternatives to avoid the interference… if you are really interested: here is the article from New Scientist


§ 2 Responses to Mobile phones in air planes… what you didn't think of!

  • xx says:

    they have known for along time that its not dangerous. the reason your not allowed to use them has to do with the way you access the cell network, for some reason when your in the air, they cant bill you properly so its basicly free. and we cant have anything being free now can we?

  • Mike says:

    How come this would be free… ?

    You’d have to register to some network, and you only register when you’ve paid?
    Or is this cell phone technololgy so different from the GSM/mobile technology?

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