On how to really annoy people…

June 23, 2005 Comments Off on On how to really annoy people…

In Belgium, minister Van den Bossche (Socialist Party) has made it possible to block mobile phones not at the level of the SIM-card, but at the level of the actual phone.
Apparently you call the serial number (I suppose they mean EMEI number) to a designated number of your operator. This operator sends that to a central database for Europe (based in Dublin). That very same day, whomever stole your mobile will not be able to use your mobiel anymore

Personally, I was told that this was possible before. But when my mobile got stolen, and called my operator they asked me: “How can you prove you are the owner of this mobile“.

Good question, and I hope they keep on asking it ! Because if they don’t, you could block someone’s phone. Just to piss them off.

Now on the other hand, how on earth will you prove that it is your phone ? How many keep their receipts, and how will you get that receipt to your operator ?

Yet another minsterial decision that isn’t practical at all ?


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