Wait untill dark.

July 1, 2005 Comments Off on Wait untill dark.

Wait untill Dark was a stage play, and even though it has been made into a flic with technicolor technology, still is a stage play. The acting in this film is phenomenally good. Audrey Hepburn (picture) is the star of the film in which she play a blind woman who is being fooled by a trio of gangsters looking for a doll she is supposed to have in her posession.

As said, it still looks like a stage play. Hardly any scenes are outside the house, but that’s not what it is about… I have had a wonderful time with this film!

Alan Arkin, who plays the baddest of the bad guys, is appearing as Grace Adler’s dad in an episode of Will & Grace. (or will appear for us Europeans…, no pun intended)


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