Starship Troopers

July 4, 2005 § 2 Comments

Stopped watching after a while, I suggest you don’t wait as long as I did. It’s not worth giving it any credit and have a go at it.

It’s ultimately boring, badly made, the acting is abominal.

If you insist on reading something about it elsewhere… here’s for ya !

Just glad I could finish this day with a good episode of “Have I got News for You


§ 2 Responses to Starship Troopers

  • Matt Lavery says:

    Well, of course you hated the movie. It seems, from reading your material, that you have half a brain. I reccomend you read the book. It’s nothing like the movie, actually develops some characters, and is generally a captivating read. And the book doesn’t have those obnoxious newsreel cutscenes, either.

  • Mike says:


    I don’t see the obviousness in me hating the film. It managed to get a 6.7 on, there are people out there who genuinely love it.
    Now I want to take the opportunity to say something about my brain. I am extremely offended that you have mistaken my little brain for half a brain. Not very observant of you Matthew. I thought you teachers had all the time in the world to do a good observation…
    If the obviousness of hating the film comes from reading the book, well duh ! What are the odds that you like the film when you have read the book? The development of characters is a common problem when getting a book the the screen… It was also one of my thoughts (yes I do have them) when watching, actually… they could have done more with the characters! But then again, the actors wouldn’t have been up to it.
    Just found something on your site (your glasses must be very good, the font is tiny !): _you just want something to gripe about, keep your flames to yourself_

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