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August 8, 2005 § 1 Comment

Through John (one of my geourl neighbours), I saw that somebody is starting a new initiative:

One lives in hope that this will be a fruitfull initiative where allketjes“, “zinnekes” and “kiekefretters” are welcome. I also hope that the layout gets better 😉 It looks a bit like a site designed by the “skieven architek


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  • John says:

    Hello neighbour ! 😉

    Yes indeed, is probably nearly to start. The site give Peter Forret as reference for more information. In his site ( Peter writes explicitly “een groepsblog door en/of voor brusselaars, (…) in eerste instantie nederlandstalig (het heet dan ook niet”
    Free open to other languages, i think, but let first the dutch speaking bloggers begin !

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