Batman and Robin have always been gay…

August 25, 2005 § 3 Comments

Panel from unidentified comic strip featuring Batman’s relationship with Robin ironically contrasted with other superheroes’ relationships with their girlfriends.

This file originally posted from wikipedia, the work is copyrighted, but this qualifies as fair use of the U.S. copyright law. I am assuming the same holds for Belgian law, as U.S. laws tend to be more stringent when it comes to copyright.

My GeoURL neighbour John brought this story to my attention. For those who don’t read French: the BBC story on it.

So it happens again like described on

Journalists, television producers, content providers, and Web sites are regularly denied copyright access by DC Comics if the angle of your story involves gayness.

If you google for Batman and Robin, you just stumble across links where they are described as queers…

Wikipedia has quite some material on it, and many things lead people to think/convince that Batman and Robin are a gay couple…

  • …single man living with an unrelated boy in a posh mansion
  • …their happy domesticity
  • …weird obsession with older men (Alfred, Jim Gordon)
  • The uniform. Skin-tight and deliberately attenuating his ‘assets’. The drama of the cape combined with the near-nakedness of the body suit could be conceived as being highly sexual. One thing is clear – a camp dramatic-style has long been part of male homosexual culture, as have sexual skin-tight outfits.

James Wheeler: No other comic character has been subjected to such prolonged and intense scrutiny when it comes to their sexuality. Bruce Wayne is the Tom Cruise of comics.


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