Time to expand Google lexicon?

September 6, 2005 Comments Off on Time to expand Google lexicon?

Gwn: a proposed addition to

To gwn a word is to own the first Google search result for that word.

The guy who proposed this, proposed this way back in February this year, it’s taking time. There are two main reasons for not taking off, I think.

First of all, how will this take of in other languages? ‘To Google‘ has taken off in French, Dutch and has a variant in Spanish if I’m not mistaken. Now with English, Spanish and French, one covers quite a bit of the western world. It will be difficult to ‘translate/adapt‘ this one in other language. Even a lot of English speaking will have enormous difficulties with this Welsh word (they are a bit weird those words, aren’t they?)

Secondly, it doesn’t get the attention it needs. Therefore, this blog could help, and if others take the message into their own blogs, we could spread ‘the word‘. Let’s see if it takes off!

GWN on technorati doesn’t really give any results (yet) about this unusual new (Welsh) word! Although there is no filter for a Welsh search on technorati. (For those who now wonder why there are so many results in Dutch: gwn is an abbreviation for ‘gewoon’.


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