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David Dunn is a security guard returning by train to his home in Philadelphia. Into this uneventful life comes a terrible train wreck. More than 100 people die–everyone on that Philadelphia-bound train, in fact, with a single exception. David Dunn not only comes out alive, he emerges without a scratch on him. The notoriety of his survival leads directly to something left on his car windshield, an unsigned note asking if he’s ever been sick. Intrigued, Dunn not only investigates the history of his own health but also tracks down the man who left the message, comic-art dealer Elijah Price. Though Price suffers from a strange and rare bone disease that makes him fragile to the touch, it is the explanation as to why Dunn survivied the wreck that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Unbreakable is a M. Night Shyamalan film (yup, that guy from the sixth sense). I liked The Sixth Sense, but it was a bit slow… Well, this one is even slower. And the ending doesn’t grip you like The Sixth Sense has.

Difficult to say whether this film was good or not. Let’s say I don’t regret seeing it, far from. But then again, I’ll probably forget having seen this earlier than I would with The Sixth Sense.

Shyamalan uses a lot of concepts & design from comic books, and maybe I lack the feeling with comic books. I’ve never really liked any American style super-hero comic books.


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