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Last image of President Allende

Besides being the Catalunyan National Day, we should remember 9/11 as the day that general Pinochet came to power after a military coup-d’�tat.

In this coup, the democratically chosen president Allende died during the bombing of the presidential palace by British made fighter jets. The official cause of death is suicide.

Pinochet moved to solidify his control against any opposition. On September 13, the junta dissolved the Congress. The National Stadium was temporarily converted into an immense prison. Approximately 130,000 individuals were arrested in a three-year period, with the number of dead and “disappeared” reaching into the thousands within the first few months.

What one should also remember is the US intervention in all this. During ten years, the USA had been trying to influence Chilian politics. The democratic election of Allende was seen as a failure, so more drastic intervention was needed. The CIA was notified by contacts of the impending Pinochet coup two days in advance, but contends it “played no direct role in” the coup. On September 16, 1973, after Pinochet had assumed power, the following exchange about the coup took place between U.S. National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon:


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