Our first gay wedding…

September 24, 2005 § 2 Comments

Just Married

With half of Brussels being gay, it was bound to happen one day: our first invitation for a gay wedding! 10:40 at the Grand Place, we were there. We had a permit to park our car on this normally traffic free place. It felt a bit like getting back at those pedantic pedestrians from last week, strolling in the middle of the road, blocking off all taxis and public transport! But enough about that subject.

There were 18 weddings (of which we know for sure 2 gay weddings) between 9h and 12h. So therefore, the ceremony was extremely short, which was good for us. We wanted to go to the reception of course!

One thing that I found a bit weird, is that these guys organised their wedding the day after La Demence. Well technically, the ceremony ended at 10h57, whereas La Demence goes on till 11h!!! So they were getting married while La Demence was on! The damage was quite limited, only one guy never made it for the ceremony in the city hall (If you wonder who it was: it’s the guy on the pictures with the sun glasses).

It took the family (coming all the way from rural West-Vlaanderen) a couple of drinks before they felt a bit more comfortable surrounded by all the gay boys. And just as they started getting a bit more comfie, we finally let the married couple go for lunch with the family, and we all went home… a little tipsy 😉


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