Compromis de vente, part 2

September 26, 2005 Comments Off on Compromis de vente, part 2

The document is signed! If the notaries feel like working hard (I doubt it… they get their money anyway, working hard or not) we might get the keys by beginning December.

The current owner sent us some pictures I can post in the blog, but the e-mail is still on it’s way.

Signing the document did not only exist in signing it, but I also had to listen to the guy reading out the whole document in French. We told him we had gone through the document with our own notary, who translated and explained everything. Nonethless he insisted on reading and explaining every single phrase. I knew they do that when signing the final ‘Acte de vente’, but I hadn’t counted on an hour reading.

Anyway, more info on the move will follow! I’m excited!


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