Antwerp's courtesy for Walloons

September 27, 2005 § 1 Comment

Walloon CoqFlemish Lion

According to a story in Le Soir, the supporters of football team Standard Liege couldn’t bring any flags depicting the Walloon ‘Le Coq’ (and I’m not talking about male genitals, for those whose French is less than mediocre) to a football match in Antwerp. They were deemed provocative by the Antwerp team and its responsibles. Flemish flags, depicting a heraldic lion, were allowed anyway.

Apart from the fact that the measure was completely ridiculous (one out of three supporters of Standard Liege are Flemish!), it was completely discriminatory and provocative.

Any F.C. Brussels or Anderlecht fans out there who want to go the Beerschot’s next match with the IRIS flag ???.

Pierre François adds some fuel to the fire…

J'ajoute encore que, lors de la dernière visite du GBA chez nous, j'ai fait intervenir les stewards dans les tribunes du GBA alors que certains de leurs supporters exhibaient des drapeaux fascistes et proféraient des insultes à caractère raciste.

Last match of Beerschot at our premises, some stewards had to intervene because supporters were carrying fascist flags, and were shouting racist insults to some of the players.

If you have no f*$k1n9 clue what I’m talking about: , , , Royal Standard de Liège, Germinal Beerschot, F.C. Brussels


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