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gada.beA new metasearch engine is born… : It’s a metasearch service, no matter where or how you view it. is for anybody with access to the Web and in need of immediate, impartial results…

You can subscribe to searches in rss, link your tags to, and run it on desktop and mobile devices. Technically not surprising, but then again I haven’t seen it yet. Your query will be the subdomain … especially handy for those mobiles with limited keys. A plugin already exists…

The engine is the brainchild of Chris Pirillo, a multifaceted technology journalist, author and creator of the award-winning Lockergnome series of online publications. Developer Shayne Sweeney is the technical brains behind The intention is to keep it simple and fast, but they also want to expand the functionalities. And at the same time the blogosphere is still expanding at an alarming rate! Let’s see how simple and especially fast</b this stays. First reactions are already quite negative: 5 minutes for a single search. But according to the team, it is because the server is getting crunched. What did they think? That everybody would just not surf to the site ?


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  • John says:

    I tested it with a computer and with two different mobile phones. It’s impossible to use with a mobile.
    With a Mitsubishi M430i, connected to Base (GPRS-imode), you can see some answers, but even the logo is too big to appear on the page… The links are, of course, not mobile compatible.
    With a SonyEricsson K608i, connected to Proximus (UMTS), you even don’t have access. “The requested page can not be displayed”

    If you need a searsh engine for your mobile, Google has a good access, with “translation” of the links to make them readable from a mobile phone.

    The .be domain name is still ambigous. I don’t agree with the explanations about the facility to use with a mobile phone. In this case, would be easier !

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