Wind of change ?

October 19, 2005 Comments Off on Wind of change ?

I used to be one of those people who miss out on good deals, but that has changed a little bit over the last years. I just got a mortgage at a fix rate of 3.01%… I bought an appartment that is worth far more than the price I’m paying for it, I sold 70% of my shares at a peak with a 13% margin…But the tide is turning…

Just announced in Brussel’s news site: the registration rights for buying a property (In Belgium you pay taxes upfront) will go down because you won’t have to pay the tax on the first 60000 Euro (instead of on the first 45000 Euro). I have a feeling that I’ll miss this opportunity. That will be a difference of 1800 Euro. For this money I could buy a very nice MTB.

It just feels like I’m running out of my ‘financial’ luck, and it doesn’t feel fine. I’ll have to chase the notary tomorrow to see when that new rule becomes effective.


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