Sharepoint notifications and daft administrators!

October 27, 2005 Comments Off on Sharepoint notifications and daft administrators!

Example sharepointKnow Sharepoint? It’s that product where you can share information and documents for projects/groups. Wouldn’t necessarily say that it is a bad product, but as with many products, you can use it ‘not as designed’ !

For the moment, a marketing lady from the company I work for is uploading 100’s of individual documents (html/png/gif/jpg) which probably makes up one document. What she probably doesn’t realise, is that I (with many others) have set up notifications for the individual sharepoint sub-sites to be notified when something changes. The lady is therefore flooding my (and other) inboxes with notifications!

Must say that I get double the amount due to some malfunction in sharepoint. When dumbie adds a file, sharepoint reports it as modified as well! This means effectively that for every uploaded png, I get a mail saying that it has been added and another one that it has been modified !?!?!?!?!?!

And save your lousy comments saying that I shouldn’t set up notifications!


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