Netiquette at the BBC

October 31, 2005 Comments Off on Netiquette at the BBC

Story 1: BBC suspends Blackberry network after mixed-up emails

The BBC has suspended its Blackberry email service after a bug in Research In Motion’s server software mixed together snippets from different messages between senior executives.

The bug meant chunks of messages were reaching the wrong recipients.

Story 2:BBC raps six in ‘obscene’ email kerfuffle

…for disseminating “obscene” emails, some of which “referred to [the show’s] presenter Julia Bradbury”, UK tabloid the Sun reports. Other topics of conversation included “secretaries, work experience girls and production staff”.

Now I see links everywhere, but could these two not be connected? And if so, which female senior executive blowed the whistle when receiving obscene e-mails from colleagues on her blackberry?

Just hope that some of the e-mails were not about Nigella Lawson… she just asked for inappropriate mails to be sent about her 😉


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