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November 19, 2005 Comments Off on Sorcerer ?

The book was called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher‘s stone” over here, the film was distributed here as “Harry Potter and the Philosopher‘s stone”, nonetheless Kanaal Twee announced it 2nite as “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer‘s stone“.

Both the book and the motion picture were released in the United States with the title Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, ostensibly because the publishers were concerned that the title would not instantly give the book an impression of magic and fantasy to the American public. However, it must be noted that the renaming of books for international distribution is not an uncommon practice, even for high-profile authors.

What a load of crap! And on the other hand:

According to the American Library Association, the Harry Potter novels have been among the 100 most frequently challenged in United States libraries between 1990-2000. The complaints allege that the books have occult or Satanic themes, are violent, and are anti-family.


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