Back in the "old world"

December 3, 2005 Comments Off on Back in the "old world"

Just landed in Paris CDG where it is freezing in the ‘gare SNCF’. The breakfast place where I usually go to is closed for works (but nobody is working, this is Saturday after all!). The station is freezing cold, but I could pick from 7 wireless networks!

Currently connected to a network called ‘NetGear’ 😉 It is just so much easier to kill time when you have a connection!

I had a relatively good flight. I boarded as the very last person though, which is not usual for me. I was very early in Logan Intl Airport, so I took the opportunity to shoot pictures of Boston skyline and airplanes (check photoblog later. To get good views of the lifting planes, I went to the terminal located furthest away from the international E terminal,, which meant getting back! I had calculated all this correctly, but was surprised to find a 45 minute queue (or line as you would say in the US of A)!


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