Screaming babies !!!

December 4, 2005 Comments Off on Screaming babies !!!

Inventions, inventions, inventions!!!

The NY Times reported about a teenager repellent. If you don’t want to register for NY Times, you can also get the drift of the story at

A guy who suddenly realised that the sound frequencies we pick up go down with age, thought that might be a business opportunity. He’s selling the ‘Mosquito’ now. If you own a shop, and you’d prefer the teenagers to stay out, then place this thingie in your store!

The sound is designed to so irritate young people that after several minutes, they cannot stand it and go away.

As a side effect, I suppose that young parents will have a hard time with their kids being tortured. Mommie and daddie, absolutely having no clue what’s going on, running out of the shop because kiddie gets annoyed, starts crying it’s lungs out!

Screaming babies… hmmm. Reminds me of transatlantic flights 😉 One word: Sennheiser!


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