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December 13, 2005 § 1 Comment

ForretI have had his hard disk researched during the night. This was of course only for statistical, heuristic scientific research. Ultimate attempt to SEO (linking Peter Forret and p0rn 😉 )! All sort of conclusions can be drawn from any statistics, my conclusions:

There is a direct link between Peter and p0rn!

The ratio code/p0rn is in favour of code, but merely because Peter writes his porn in 72pt fonts !

Funnily enough, my research program even found some reference to p0rn in his code ! The naming conventions for variables are quite unique and seriously worrying when you start thinking what must go on inside this poor fellow’s head:

intLucyPinder, boolGuerrero, strLeeAnnLiebenBerg (I would think that the use of i,j,k was easier to type).


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  • Mich says:

    When I mention the word “string” to non-programmers, they always look surprised. I always forget the other meaning of the word when I’m in a programming context 🙂

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