Ex-pat taxes Brussels

December 21, 2005 § 1 Comment

Brussels has targeted the ex-pat community a bit more than the rest of the country.

We (my better half and I) have just bought our appartment yesterday. During the whole process with the bank and notary, when asked the question: “Do you already own property”, we truly answered “Not in Belgium!”. This seemed to be OK for everyone…

So where am I going with the taxes:

Brussels: registration tax upon buying property is 12.5%

Flanders: registration tax is 10%

In Brussels you get tax-exempt for the first lot of 45.000 Euro (provided it is your first property, …). Untill yesterday, nobody told us we couldn’t take advantage of it. So we, the bank and the notary(-clerk) hadn’t thought of it.

Forget about this entry


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  • Zonet op brusselnieuws.be gelezen dat de verlaging van registratierechten op eerste woning dan uiteindelijk eind volgende maand in werking treedt. Ik heb het er al op mijn eigen blog over gehad: de kleine lettertjes moeten worden gelezen!
    In tegenstel…

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