Barroso runs Britain!

January 2, 2006 Comments Off on Barroso runs Britain!

Who Runs Britain? poll
1. Jose Manuel Barroso – 22%
2. Rupert Murdoch – 15%
3. Parliament – 14%
4. The British People – 12%
5. Gus O’Donnell – 10%
6. Terry Leahy – 7%
7. Tony Blair – 7%
8. Google – 6%
9. Gordon Brown – 4%
10. Shami Chakrabarti – 4%

The Brits have voted on the BBC poll: Who runs Britain? Mr. Barosso was the surprising outcome of this poll…

Nick Robinson remarks:

The electorate is, of course, never wrong. ‘Today’ listeners may be using this poll to send the message that Europe does more than they would like.

As he also remarks, it is a more general problem that people don’t seem to be able to identify who to blame for things going wrong.


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