Rockefeller the new Pisa ?

January 11, 2006 § 1 Comment

New York’s own tower of Pizza?

In the nineteen thirties John D. Rockefeller, established the dream of his Rockefeller Centre. It was an amazing performance, and knowing that the same machinerie as today was not available, it was a stunt! If you ever go the NY, I can strongly recommend a visit to Top of the Rock. Personally, I thought that the view was even better than the view from the Empire State. (Rockefeller building actually blocks the view from Empire State on Central Park).

Other thing that I noticed was today on Google Earth (see image above, or at coordinates 40°45’30” N 73°58’43” W in Google Earth) is that if you look at the buildings surrounding the Rockefeller you see the top plus south south west face part of the building. The Rockefeller shows its north north east face. This can only mean one thing: Rockefeller tower has a south south east inclination!

The Rockefeller centre was built during the period when the Maffia ruled New York. As a counter-move against the ever so powerfull Italian Maffia, somebody must have thought that he should hit them hard. And how can you hit an Italian hard? By taking over one of it’s national monuments. One or more architects must have designed the Rockefeller centre to incline after a couple of years.

The time has finally come, and Rockefeller is definitely beating the Leaning Tower of Pisa now!

Wait! Why haven’t we heard about this yet? Well, the Italian maffia must have overheard the plans while the construction was going on (probably killed every architect who knew about it). Therefore, they have made sure that NY was full of other skyscrapers, blocking a good view by the time the Rockefeller started leaning over. And until now, they have succeeded, but how could they have foreseen Satellite images becoming available to everybody?

The inclination is not yet visible on! I guess we’ll have to wait for the updated pictures.


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