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January 30, 2006 § 15 Comments

Looking for...
Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

While on every news bulletin and slightly politically coloured blogs, people are talking about Muslims and humour from one perspective, I noticed an ad for Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World on my favourite gossip blog.

It’s just a completely different angle on the same subject!

Or it’s just my attempt of linking tits and muslim through tagging 😉


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  • hass says:

    Cartoons of Mohammad with a bomb in his turban is about “Press Freedom” and should be celebrated…

    Cartoons of hook-nosed money grabbing Jews is about “Anti-Semitism” and should be condemned….

  • gus says:

    I am a Muslim whom lived in the United States for more than 20 years and no one ever made fun out of my Islam or profit neither I did it for other religion, why now you celebrate bad taste of freedom that made billion of Muslims feel sorry for European to indulge or get fallen over a big trap politically, can not you see it???

  • Mike says:

    It’s not making fun of, it’s just making fun… But why are the reactions so extremely violent and 5 months after the facts ?

  • Mohd says:

    MIKE, this wasnt very much impressing to anyone who will read this..
    This is no joke.. we never make jokes out of other’s religious believes and neither we’ll do in future and if any muslim does it then probably he is having some lack of knowledge about Islam. And he/she will be punished on JUDGEMENT day.(only if u believe in dat)
    The very first thing which comes here is that apart from Islam and our last PROHPHET MOHAMMAD PBUH, we fully believe in Christianity that JESUS was only the messenger of GOD who was sent before MOHAMMAD PBUH time and Jews who believe in MOSES, but we dont interfare God with them.. if u really like to know the written evidance about any of JEWS or CHRISTIAN then i’ll advise you to read QURAN in whatever language you like.. just for the sake of knowledge before u pass out any comments which you dont know what you are saying. I’ll add here that ISLAM is the first religion to come in this world, and Quran is the holy book which will never be amended.. and ALLAH himself says that in his QURAN.
    altogether there were 4 books sent by ALLAH in this world, which are in order to their time period,
    1. TAURAH = was given to MOSES, in which JEWS believes
    2. IN’JEEL = is BIBLE which was given to JESUS

    and then QURAN is at da last..

    u can check da above link for your clarification. and u should do some research in order to know your reason for living in this world.
    Its no joke, there is no joke.. everything is true which i have told u!! may ALLAH bless u and forgive u for ur sin. Its only ALLAH who can make u believe in him and clean ur heart, no one can change u!…

  • tom says:

    people are dying because of a stupid cartoon,this is only a display of dangerous ignorance and imaturity of the muslim world, protesters in pakistan are going on about death to america! HELLOO the cartoon was puplished in denmark.
    idiots killing people over a damm cartoon

  • Pete says:

    I can´t understand how muslims can demand that people outside islam should obey islamic rules. I think such demands are selfish and violent.

    I have seen many islamic cartoons blaming jews, some of them originally published by nazis.

    So, why are you telling that muslims don´t blame others? You are. You are accusing western culture now and then and now you are demanding that we should think like you.

    We will never think like muslims and there will always be people around the world that write and draw things that are not so nice.

    I think you and all people should grow up and tolerate others and their opinions. Although they are not muslims. In the other case, you can´t live in peace with the rest of the world.

    Many people have thousands of reasons to act violently against muslims. Most of them don´t because it is immature and wrong. So, why are you acting like immature and wrong person?

  • emir says:

    Hello everybody. I’m muslim too and I think that is all wrong. Muslim people respect all religion and all people on the world, but belive in one(islam). Caricatures is wrong and killing people for that is wrong too. Sellam allejkum all.

  • usra sabir says:

    salam, first of all whatever Dan has done is obnoxious and rediculously offensive and not outrageous i must say this is somthg ppl shd react and try stop this asap. ppl irrespective of religion n culture shd condemn this act as disrespecting any religion’s bodies is shameful, and to those who says that muslims were also involved in making jews cartoons n stuff , to them i would like to say that its all non muslims and jews who did so prevailing tht muslims are involved…all these kind of disgusting activities were done by jews pretending that muslims are culprit

  • Ishak says:

    Mohd, I thing it’s really joke, how dare you respond to an event with lies and B.S, you might able to pass your lies through the people’s mind who live outside the Arab world but not through mine, I am the one who lived among your people for 35 years and absolutly knows what you and other Muslims thing and say about us and about our savior Jesus. You have to admit and openly confess that guran has taught you allot of hate and violent, don’t ask other to read it because the resultant would be against you, you and other idiot Islamic fundamentals turned the world up side down for few cartoons which they ‘v published in Denmark 6 months ago and no one said anything about them at that time .did you forget what your Muslims terrorist did and how they beheading others by the name of Islam, and don’t ever ever ever tell me they are not reflect the true Islam, they did what they been thought by quran.why you leave the killers and the Muslims who they have lack of knowledge to escape the punishment now and postpone it to the judgment day mean while you and other Muslims fanatics are willing to punish a whole country like Denmark rather than send the artist who draw the Mohammed’s cartoons to the judgment’s day. You and other Muslims who live in the foreign countries acting like lam of god and trying to sell the fake face of Islam, people like you flee their Islamic country seeking for freedom, money and best life, and the first thing they start doing after they get it is to stab the country which adopted them in the back. Tell me if you and the Islam really respect other why on earth there are thousand of mosques in the foreign countries around the world and they have freedom to practice the religion, and there is no even one church in saodia arebia, show me the love, why you and others always stalking Christian girls and lie to them and trick them and marry them for the sake of the green card or legal residency and after the first day of obtaining your legal paper you turn to a devil and you put your lovely wife in bad situation and she must choose between converting to Islam and fill the Islamic religion paper application and cover her head with hijab or facing the divorce process. Where is the women rights, your quran gave you right to marry for what about women do they have same rights, why you god discriminate between men and women. Doesn’t quran say that, why women don’t have the initiative for divorce in Islamic rule, why if the Islamic women have to face the death penalty if they choose Christian men to be their husbands? If you are really a modern man and have pure wisdom I need you to write something condemning the way they are preaching against the Christianity in mosques during the Friday’s pray, don’t ask other to respect you if you don’t respect them. In the end I need to say something and i really believe it, it is not your or Muslims fault, it’s Denmark, USA, and all the Christian countries .we should not trust you from the first time, nither live with you nor deal with you, that time we will find out how you will live without us, they should leave you alone dealing with camel and tents, and desert .you are belong to another dark planet.

  • Trish says:

    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one can argue that, very well said. The Muslims who flew airplanes through buildings, were they not doing it for their religion? And having virgins when they get to heaven? Who would believe in that? It’s a joke. Islam is all a big joke. If you believed in God, you wouldn’t treat your women so badly. If you believed that God should be the judge of people, you wouldn’t torture/kill your people on the streets for their sins, whatever they are. They range from the big things like adultery to little things like stealing bread. YOU may not do it, but all of your stupid people in the middle east who are oh so “faithful” to your JOKE religion do. Your religion does not send messages of peace, it DOES teach hate and violence. It has rotted your brains as a people. You know how many people have made fun of Jesus Christ? Do you know how many things we have seen that offend us? THE DIFFERENCE IS WE WON’T GO AROUND KILLING JUST ANYONE TO SHOW OUR ANGER OR OUR DISAPPOINTMENT. We will let God deal with the ONE person that starts these different things. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek even. Think about your religion, really. Stop focusing on what you have been taught your whole life by mommy and daddy because what you grow up with isn’t ALWAYS right. If that were the case, we’d live in a CRAPPIER world. It’s kind of like abuse. Just because you grew up being abused, doesn’t mean you should grow up an abuser. Muslim is worse. Just because your brains have been rotted with bull all your life, doesn’t mean you should believe in it and pass it on. Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  • Priscilla says:

    yes the God you believe in must not be the same as mine. mine would never degrade 72 angels for a man who has just killed himself as well as innocent people. so you pretty much “reward” murderers. also this mohamed tell me why he married so many women. Jesus had better things to do during his lifetime like spreading PEACE to waste his time with many women for his own pleasure. don’t tell me he did it for a good cause. we have values, we don’t shed blood to spread our beliefs.

  • Kashif Sattar says:

    First of let me inform you about Islam. Islam is the peaceful religion, & Allah (God) had sent approx (1,24,000) Prophets for the proper guidance of human beings. Not for being a butt of joke by human beings. As the western countries think that Muslims are just terrorists, you must know that whole scholar of Muslims around the world has narrated, “ Terrorist are not from us (Muslims). We don’t say to obey Islamic rules, but no one has any right to play with the sensations, feelings of Muslims. The Jesus & Mosses whom you are followers. They were sent by Allah (God). They came before the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). We just protest against that obnoxious ridicules joke & to tell you beware for forthcoming. We know the Dooms day is near when the whole world will know that what is wrong or right. Do not examine the tolerance of Muslims. We are living for the pray of Allah (God) and will not fear to die for Islam. Never dare to threat any Muslim to kill, because there are just Muslims who don’t fear to be killed.
    We respect other religions but not for that we are afraid from them even the Holy Prophet Peace Be Blessing Upon Him said “ Don’t say any other’s wrong, because he will say wrong of yours right. If the whole world will become the shape of force and fight against Muslims, the will be defeated because just who can win who spiritual power from Allah (God).
    It is my message for all non-Muslims that never dare to do so again, as you have done. Other wise you will not be forgiven. Never butt of joke of any religion & break any one’s heart by your act, speech & think.
    If any one have any argues so may contact me at

    Yours Prayer

    Kashif Sattar.

  • Mike says:

    Never thought I’d have so much bull shit on one of my pages…

  • What’s the deal?
    Please ..Please ..Please..
    Terrorists are terrorists..
    Believers are believers..
    Cartoons are cartoons..
    Christians are christians..
    Muslims are muslims..
    No one has a right to judge people because of their religion.
    I can respect everybody as long as they have heart and brain and living in peace..
    I can’t respect the people who they are insulting the others ..
    I can’t respect the people whp they are killing the others in the name of Allah or God or whatever you call..
    If Allah or God or whatever u call – gives your life..
    That means only Allah or God or whatever you call- can take it back..
    I am Muslim born man..
    But i hate all the killers and the terrorists even if they are muslim or whatever..
    All religions offer us to better,safer,happier and peaceful life..
    And i don’t understand if the humankinds know more than the holy creater..( allah or god or whatever yu call..
    Come on people..
    No need to argue..
    Killers are killers..
    Terrorists are terrorists..
    Cartoons are cartoons..
    Open your minds and hearts…
    Respect each other..
    Never try to insult the others..
    Religion is inbetween you and god or allah or whatever you call.
    If u are true believers then you will see ; the killers or the terrorists and the speculators has nothing with islam or christianity or the other religions..
    True believers always have great heart fullfilled with love and faith..
    And if your heart fulfilled with love and faith how can you kill ?
    Come on..
    Open your hearts and minds..
    Take care…

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