Google and "desktop Linux"… AGAIN!!!

January 31, 2006 § 1 Comment

Today, on The Register, again another article without any references on Google and the desktop Linux .

In the article, Ben King teaches us a couple of things about Ubuntu and it’s spin-offs. He also mentions the following non-statement:

The domain has been registered in the past couple of days, though presumably not by Google. It now redirects to a Cuban portal. Perhaps Google will have to think of a new name for the system before they launch it to the wider public.

That is… if Google were to acquire the domain name!

It’s so full of ‘perhaps’, ‘perhaps’, ‘perhaps’,…. that the story is as good as irrelevant to Google and the desktop Linux.


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  • Mikey's blog says:

    In a previous story, I talked about the domain being bought but not online (YET!!!).

    It is now live, but the same pictures of Google OS, as appeared many many moons ago on some obscure Chinese web site, are showing up again. Again with the

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