February 8, 2006 § 2 Comments

This guy is either a selfish person who wants that beverage for himself… in which case he’s not Belgian!

This guy is courteous and doesn’t want JA to drink this evil liquid… in which case he could well be Belgian!


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  • Izo says:

    I guess this man is not Belgian…
    A belgian guy woudl proudly defend our famous brazilian brand 😉

  • Mich says:

    I think it’s the first one…

    Anyway, do you know that joke about the bosses of 3 breweries that get together and go out for a drink?

    There is the boss of Heineken, who asks the waiter for a Heineken.
    Then, there is the boss of Kronenbourg, who proudly asks for a Kronenbourg.
    Then, you have the boss of Stella, who says: “well, since noone is going to drink beer, I’m going to ask for a coke!”.

    Hahaha(was supposed to be funny…)

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