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March 20, 2006 Comments Off on UN of religions

The chief rabbi of Israel has called for the formation of an international body in which all major religions are represented. As all religions, despite what we sometimes might think due to current events, work towards a higher good, this seems a good idea to the imam of Gaza.

The above people are in an “International Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace“. The event takes place in Seville and follows the first ever held event like this in Brussels last year.

In principle, an initiative like this, I shouldn’t be a supporter of this. Segregation of politics and religion is something I have always adhered to, and wich should be the case in an ideal world (IMHO). Reality though tells me that this could eventually be an instrument to strive towards world peace (no, world peace isn’t the initiative of beauty queens). Religion has, again, taken up such a massive role in the world’s politics that such an organisation might help. As long as representatives don’t start fighting over the number of representatives for each religion (and non-religious but visionary organisatios), let them go ahead.


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