April Fools day. Blog is 1 year old!

April 1, 2006 Comments Off on April Fools day. Blog is 1 year old!


went to a couple of Apple Centres today. Yes I’ll buy my own computer, and it will be an iMac after long consulting. The first one I went to was the new one in Avenue Louise here in Brussels. Besides a computer, I needed new ear plugs for my iPod (which is now nearly 3 years old). The bass line of some songs didn’t sound right in my left ear (Starflam’s Antistatique sounded extremely weird!).

I ask the guy in the shop if he has any. “No, I’m terribly sorry. But you can always go to the Sony store!”

This guy was extremely serious. I checked him out to see whether he was telling a bad joke, but NO… dead serious (…and helpfull).

For a while (at least 2 more days), I’m collecting the aprilfools tagged stories from del.icio.us Thought you might be interested when wandering around here.


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