Another week gone by…

April 8, 2006 Comments Off on Another week gone by…

Last Sunday I bought me an iMac. A fancy 20″ one. Fabulous machine, but boy has it been long since I used Mac! I had to reboot it twice already… first time for the first update, and then Apple announced another update. But it is extremely easy to use, and it comes with a proper shell (bash or tcsh). What I didn’t realise, is that it comes with an azerty keyboard (this will prove to be fun when changing to my laptop from work!).

A couple of weeks ago I decided to participate at the 20 of Brussels, and my knee is playing up… I’ll need to loose some more weight I’m afraid. Nonetheless, I ran for about 80 minutes at just over 10km/h, which isn’t something to be proud about in general, but I am.

Work was tedious this week… we just started another fiscal year and of course there’s no real work to do. I couldn’t concentrate on sofware as my mind was constantly fixated on Applescript.

The week of Labour Day I’ll have to go to San Francisco for work. Now the problem is that I’ll be in Southhampton the weekend before to celebrate my brother-in-law’s wedding to his life-long partner (well… 27 years is sort of life long!). So I checked out all my options for getting to San Fran on the Sunday and there were some surprises…


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