April 17, 2006 Comments Off on Offline?

Yup, I know… blog has been offline for a while. The administrators at dommel had disabled it because they thought there was abuse.

After my conversation with one of the administrators, they had seen a lot of direct POSTs. Botnets…

They had me and the developer of Serendipity going for a while, until I realised that I had a log for all the Spam attempts.

The log that the administrators showed as ‘proof’ for abuse, was actually exactly the same as the Spamlog, except for the format. In my Spam blog, I could clearly see that some bots were trying to post comments on the blog to get their goods promoted… but they were rejected as the Captcha prevents these bots from actually posting comments.

One thing I’d wish though is that I could limit the amount of traffic. An entry produces a page of about 20k-25k. If the Spam plugin detects that it is spam, I don’t think we should bother sending out the whole page (maybe send a 404?). But that’s work for later, when I have time to review the Spamblock plugin code… Anyway, a new one will be available soon!


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