Headphones for running

April 27, 2006 Comments Off on Headphones for running

Running, either outdoors or indoors, with headphones can be tricky. The ones that came standard with my iPod were OK, but the tissue over the earbuds was a bare necessity. Not so much for keeping the sweat from the earbuds, but for keeping them in my ears while running. And if you run and sweat, the tissue doesn’t stay on forever. What I did, was collecting the tissues from the earbuds from Air France headphones, which was wonderful. I could replace the little tissue regularly.

Recently I needed completely new headphones (the others were 3 years old, and had trouble with bass). My former manager told me about his great and magnificent in-ear headphones, so I thought I’d buy these. They come with a rubber cover, which should make them fit. Well, they don’t!

I’m a bit annoyed about this, but more still… curious to know what you use when doing exercise that requires your head to move quite a bit (to rule out chess, bridge and darts).

Anyone seen the Nike ones… I’m off to San Francisco next week. If there is one place in the world where I should be able to find my iPod accessories, San Fran should do!


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