May 10, 2006 § 1 Comment

What a miserable week this is! Training, homework, horrible food, hotel at 100 meter from the office knowing that Amsterdam is only at 20 kilometer from here.

Happily there is the gym, where two teachers (the guy was as gay as a yellow duster!) and two other brave souls (very likely to be dykes, although I’m not as proficient when it comes to recognising dykes) accompanied me today for an extremely sweaty hour. The male teacher was eyeing me up, I was eyeing up the female teacher (who seemed to enjoy the attention) and the dykes (hey, it’s not because I’m a vegetarian I can’t have a look at the meat!), and the dykes were mentally undressing each other. Everybody happy 😉

I don’t want to get any dykie comment about me comparing women with meat, it was just a (poorly chosen) metaphore!


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  • Mikey's blog says:

    Back in Shiphol-Rijk, and like last time when I was still preparing for the 20km of Brussels, I took my running shoes and shorts with me.
    Today was a beautiful day, a bit warm but after not doing any sports (holiday Chicago about which I haven’t blogged

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