Eurovision Dutch televotes

May 23, 2006 Comments Off on Eurovision Dutch televotes

As some of you may know, my friends and I lost a bet last year whilst watching the Eurovision Song Contest. One of us was Greek, and told that Greece would certainly win! We took that as a bet, and we would go to the Eurovision the next year (now!) if Greece won. (We knew in the back of our heads that Athens would be a nice weekend trip…).

We were faithfull and booked a holiday to Athens for the weekend (Wednesday -> Sunday) some months ago. Getting tickets proved to be difficult, but on the Saturday we found 9 tickets for 50 € (update: EACH)!

The whole event is worthwile seeing, the atmosphere in the stadium was surreal but nice. All these people with their national flags (half of which we couldn’t recognise… the new countries!), very competitive attitudes and no hostilities. 60000 of them, somebody told me!

We did see the music, and were delighted to see that everything went quickly (it needs to with the current number of participating countries). What we did miss were the actual comments of the people giving the points (Yasmine, Paul de Leeuw, Terry Wogan,…). I must say I was happy to see that somebody put the Dutch Televoting on YouTube. Watch it before somebody takes it off!!!


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