Gay pride

May 27, 2006 § 3 Comments

If you’re gay in Belgium, you’re probably parading through Brussels’ streets right now. You’re probably also complaining that it’s raining and that the Gay Prides in our surrounding countries (Holland!, Paris!,… Paris is good, I’ve been) are much better and more fun. And you probably have a right to complain, but you’re still having tons more fun than the Russian Gay crowd.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said he had banned the march because he believed homosexuality was not natural and because the event would cause outrage in society – a position supported by many Christian and Muslim groups.

And for those who live in Belgium, not gay, thinking that support for this sort of extremist Christian or Muslim opinions on gay people Belgium anymore: I have been physically threatened and insulted (sale pédé) many times going out with some of my friends.

Can somebody explain me why lesbians aren’t Gay ?


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  • Eternel débat autour de la Gay-Pride…Quel intérêt reste-t-il encore à cette manifestation?Non pas que les avancées sont suffisantes. Il y a toujours des choses nouvelles à revendiquer… Ce qui pose problème n’est pas les revendi…

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