Pain… serious pain.

June 26, 2006 Comments Off on Pain… serious pain.

Last weekend, I started thinking about doing another run like the 20km through Brussels. Running seemed to be going better and better. I had two things in mind: half marathon of Brussels (27/8) and Coast Half marathon (end of september).

When looking at above training results, you would think I’m on a good track. Not very intensive run (3rd one of the week), just under 2 hours, most of the time under 80% intensity (145bpm)… all looks great, were it not for the sudden sharp pain in my left knee at 200 metres from our appartment.

From that moment onwards, I could hardly walk on my left leg anymore.

So I went to the doctor this morning (had to search for one on who said it was ‘relatively’ minor and that the damage is not within the knee but is on a tendon. I sure hope he’s right. I just have to rest for 2 weeks and see if things go better.

I sure hope so, because yesterday night, those half marathons all seemed like an unreachable target for this summer!


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