Puyol 82 min!

June 28, 2006 Comments Off on Puyol 82 min!

Puyol, didn't find any Copyright stuffI watched another 10 minutes of football yesterday. And it left me feeling like not watching much more the coming days…

Score when I started watching: 1-1.

82nd minute. Henry fakes a physical attack from Puyol (while pushing Puyol to the ground). Puyol gets yellow card (only Spanish yellow card during the whole game!). Free kick France, they score. Spain has no option than to fully go for it, leaving some holes in the defense. 87 minutes, Zidane makes use of one of these holes: 3-1.

Score exaggerated. Another game, decided by the referee… (I’ve watched 4 games, and saw 3 game deciding doubtfull referee decicions). I better start watching the tennis again…


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