Should go back to the fitness…

July 7, 2006 § 2 Comments

After seeing this campaign! (Les Mills does the group lessons at Sportopolis)

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  • polldoirs says:

    My mother tell me “Your weight will become 140 pounds if you are constant to eat food what is contain more and more calorics .”In fact ,I know this result is so ,but I like them.. So I am very fat er and fater.. I think it don’t important for me ,I think happy is important to me !

  • Mike says:

    Eating extremely high calories is indeed very addictive. It’s a bit like heroin, alcohol and other drugs… It makes you temporarily happy, and you need more of it to maintain that happiness. Keep eating your sugars, you will be very happy… and probably die of a cardiac disease. But it’s always good to know you were at least a happy diseased person 😉
    Best of luck with your ignorance

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