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August 7, 2006 § 5 Comments

Kim Gevaert: go for gold!

Coach Paul (NL) writes an open letter to Ivan Sonck.

Ivan Sonck is a bit of a bastard when commenting on the excellent achievements of the Belgian female athletes. Now that the European Championships are starting, an open letter is addressed to the guy. Now here’s the issue.

Ivan Sonck is not a blogger, so let alone that he has a membership. Coach Paul’s site has been updated since recently (yesterday or today), so that only members can comment!

So not only is that annoying for the attacked person, but also for the regular readers of Paul’s excellent blog with plenty of background information on some of our best (tri-)athletes (Croes, Van Lierde, Herremans,…), cyclists and would-be runners. And I’m one of them, so here I am: frustrated, annoyed, …

Just 2 b clear about this: I’m not defending the annoying Ivan Sonck’s critics and opinions on the girls, but his right to defend himself.

UPDATE: anyone can comment again, and it was just a little technical hiccup!


§ 5 Responses to Open letters: now in Blogger only blogs!

  • Last time I looked it was still free to register at

    Put yourself in Paul’s place: with his new-found notoriety, would *you* still allow just anyone to comment?

  • Mike says:

    And yet another account in the vast list… if other blogs do it with captchas, cookies and so forth.
    I loathe registering for responding to blogs…

    And it’s not like Paul gets something like 40 comments per entry, is it?

  • If it really gets on your tits… have you tried gtting in touch with Paul and asking him the why & wherefores? 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Wanted to, but have no direct way to contact him… I’ll get a blogger account, one more amongst many accounts!
    But this one really isn’t useful, just to be able to comment on one blog! But I’ll do it, just to tell him off 😉

  • Mike says:

    Just after having created my blogger account, Paul re-opens the comments for non Blogger accounts…
    I won’t tell him off… he’s just too good a person. And the trainter of old teammate Luc. And Luc seems to be doing great!

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