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For Mac “Tiger” 😉


How did you come up with the name TightPod?

“Tight” is because it’s, well, tight, and also because it suggests ‘tights’, a spandex pantyhose-type garment. The “Pod” part comes from ‘peapod’, because the cover fits snugly and is form fitting. Pod means “covering, hull, seed case, encasement, sheath, etc.” Therefore, “form-fitting encasement”. Any relation to Portable On Demand Storage systems, Plain Old Data, guitar special effect devices, pinball machine coin counters, Star Trek vessels, iPods, Body Snatchers, and groups of whales is purely coincidental. Relation to seed coverings and egg casings is squarely intentional.

All this at the very moment they get sued by Apple…

The Google cache from August 10th, doesn’t show this section.

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