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August 21, 2006 Comments Off on Belgian politics

It’s all going a bit bonkers here for the moment in Belgium. “Election fever” it’s called here. The poorer, French-speaking south of the country has put together a “Marshall plan” (that’s really what it’s called, I’m not joking) to economically revive this part of the country. It only took 2, but yet simultaneous governments to agree on such a plan (more about this). The plan has several subplans, of which one is the “Language plan” (plan Langues).

The plan is to get young southerners ready for the Belgian and international job market. Learning Dutch, as the main language in Belgium, is prime target (according to Elio Di Rupo). This year, a whole 162 young people get subsidised to study in a non French-speaking region! It’s a start, but will hardly make any difference for a whole population unless learning languages is more encouraged throughout everyone’s first 18 years. Moreoever, of those 162, only 9 will study Dutch.

The goal of this plan is to reach 8000 people in 4 years. Let’s just call it a bit of a slow start…


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