Belgian Politics, II

August 25, 2006 Comments Off on Belgian Politics, II

In my previous post, I talked about french speaking students from the country’s south who use the subsidies meant to encourage them to speak the country’s other language, learn anything but dutch. There is a whole different movement here in Brussels.

A vast amount of kids from french speaking parents go the schools from the Flemish community in order to speak dutch fluently. The numbers were so overwhelming that some flems asked to limit those numbers in order not to have to many french speakers, which would defeat the object… and in order to make it easier for flems to find a place in “their own” schools. If you don’t live here, you must think that we’re mad but this is all part of this country’s language hysteria. It is so omni-present for the moment (especially with the upcoming elections) that I even start writing about these things… One thing is for sure: language is much more than a means to communicate once you end up in this little country!

I just found out that my neighbour speaks dutch! I moved here in February… (This paragraph has nothing to do with politics, of course)


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