Findings on a Monday morning

September 4, 2006 Comments Off on Findings on a Monday morning

1. I’ve found myself a new blog to read: “Overheard in New York” If you like the following then it’s definitely something for you.

Tween girl: Is this sleepwear for fat people or regular people?

Mother: Honey, fat people are regular people.

Tween girl: Whatever.


Overheard by: A regular person


Upper-East-Side lady on cell: I know, but I was at a funeral all day…Yeah, it was sad, but I really didn’t know him at all…This saddest thing was seeing his daughters upset. They’re the same ages as–Wow! This shirt is only $19!! You can’t even buy a freaking Frappuccino for $19! I’m getting it in blue. –Banana Republic, 86th & 3rd

2. I’ve also found out that I’m a hard core New Waver. I completely missed it at the time, but all the music I downloaded on iTunes recently is that New Wave stuff. I completely follow the advice of the algorithms from iTunes for musical advice, and the more I buy, the more they suggest New Wave stuff at me.


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