Madonna @ the ArenA

September 6, 2006 § 1 Comment

Monday evening was just one of those nights I won’t easily forget. After half a day work on Monday morning, the better half and I went to pick up Thomas (our pilot friend) to head off to Haarlem (the original one).

There we met Paulo, Joris and Jorge and we went down to the ArenA.

Madonna on Parkour stage setup

Originally uploaded by YSL807.

The show started quite intense and we all knew she was going to focus on the latest album. But relatively soon she already sang “Like a Virgin” sat on the famous saddle, looking like the full S&M deal. She was in great shape and unlike the concert in Germany, she didn’t ask the audience whether they understood English.

I do agree with this girl that the guitar solo could have been a bit shorter, but the other musicians were kind enough to play loud so that ‘I love New York‘ wasn’t all Madonna’s guitar. I even thought that I love New York was one of the top moments from the evening. That and the Disco Inferno infused Hung Up.

There was a small panic after the show when we saw that for some strange reason the train station next door was closed (even though the lady at Haarlem station assured us we could get back from Bijlmer/Arena), but a nice police man explained that we could get back to Haarlem in the next station at a mere 15 minutes walk. So within 40 minutes of the Have you confessed?‘ screen -which indicated the end of the 2 hour show- we sat on our train to Haarlem. A showarma and 2 bottles of wine later, we were sleeping on our inflatable mattress…


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