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Apple will release a $299 wireless, set-top home entertainment unit in Q1 2007 named iTV–although the name is not final. Features include USB, Ethernet, 802.11 video, optical audio and HDMI ports, RCA stereo audio–not to mention iTunes integration. You can play back your iTunes movies on your TV. It will work with the Apple Remote (and the next generation of Front Row) and be about half the size of the Mac Mini. Expect fast, near-DVD quality video on your TV and when using video projectors. The software promises a usable interface with high-resolution scrolling menus and 3D artwork.


iPod Hardware!

Building on the success of recent iPod hardware sales (for example, 450,000 Nike/iPod sports kit have sold in just 90 days), Apple is introducing several new iPod units with many enhancements.

The standard video iPod will have a 60% brighter display (with brightness control). 3.5 hour video playback (or up to 6.5 hours with the super battery), new headphones, games and advanced searching. (Quick scrolling feature uses letters of the alphabet–yay!). New pricing: 60GB is $249. 80GB is $349. On sale now.

The new 2nd Generation Nano is thinner and looks like a small iPod mini. Available styles include green, silver, pink, black, blue, and aluminum. Expect a 24 hour battery life and updated software features (like the standard iPod). 2GB, $149 (aluminum only), 4GB $199 (all colors), 8GB $249 (black only). With a new charger, armband, and lanyard headphones.

iTunes 7!

iTunes 7 debuts with separate libraries for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and radio for both your computer and your iPod. I hope there are library folders too, but that might be too much to hope for to separate my spoken audio from my music.

Cover art is now FREE! iTunes will supply you with your missing cover art. Two new iTunes features take advantage of album cover art. First, you can “flip” through your albums to find your music. Second, new “album view” shows the cover and the tracks by album.

Finally, iTunes 7 has gapless playback (as does the new iPod software update).

iTV? There might be a conflict in the making over the use of this acronym/word 😉
No movies outside the USA though…

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