The monster called Vista

September 22, 2006 Comments Off on The monster called Vista

Is Vista a monster straight out of the Tolkien World?

Microsoft bashing has been popular amongst a certain crowd. Even I have done it, but that was before I worked in software companies. And when I did, I made sure that the arguments I used were proper arguments. One technical disadvantage I always had was that you had no control over the order in which services start up on Windows. And that’s not bashing, I think… that’s just argumenting.
And then I must admit that ever since I had to work with/on Windows, it has improved a lot over the years. I haven’t felt the need for a complete reinstall of my XP machine in 18 months! Security hasn’t been compromised, propably because I don’t click YES or OK every time I see a warning message. So all in all, I’m relatively pleased with the computer (and its OS) I have at work. For homely pleasure I still prefer my Mac, and however much I love it, it isn’t perfect either.

Admittedly, when you have a certain market share, you’re in the spotlights. And that is happening with Apple nowadays. People do start complaining a bit here and there, because in the recent years Apple has regained some market share, and they surely are in the spot lights!
I don’t believe there is any software company out there that will be able to produce bug-free software. I work in a great software company, conceptually the best there is within the area of systems and service management, but do you really think that our 600 and odd products are all released completely bug free? And we’re not talking OS-type complexity here!

Like the UK Inquirer (news, reviews, facts and friction), there is a Belgian version (news, reviews, facts and non-thruth). In a recent article, The Vista Curse, they have a little go at Microsoft. It seems that the Belgian counterpart is less serious about their journalistic background than the UK counterpart.

Het lijkt er op dat Redmond Vista tot een verplichte Windows Update maakt. Verplicht te koop vanaf 300 euro. En áls Vista arriveert (met de nadruk op áls) dan vervalt onmiddellijk elke ondersteuning voor XP en voorgangers, zo voorspellen wij. Vista, het zwaard van Damocles, gaat de millemiumbug in de schaduw zetten.

Briefly: Vista will be mandatory (if it ever goes GA), all support for XP and predecessors will be dropped immediately (!?). Vista will make you forget the milleniumbug (FYI: I have forgotten it, and I worked in a company that did software testing at the time…)


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