White night 06

September 30, 2006 Comments Off on White night 06

Very proud of this guy!

I know that tonight is the night in Brussels where you are not supposed to go to sleep and party all night. Only issue that I have is that after last night’s party I came back at 7 this morning. So I’ve had my personal Nuit Blanche, and that will do for the weekend!
Reason for this all was a party for Bart getting his PhD! With congratulations from the jury! I’ve been to the public defense, and was impressed not only by his knowledge (I didn’t get further than understanding the problem, the solution in AOP was too far fetched), but also with his presentation skills. He’s witty, he’s got style, and while these skills combined with extreme intelligence can seem intimidating, he’s not. He’s very sociable. At the reception, he told us he’s had it with computers. Maybe a bit weird for someone with a PhD in IT, but I’m sure he’s got a massive career ahead, whatever he does!


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